Jumpboard Pilates

Jump Into Class

All of our classes at Pilates House emphasize alignment, fluidity, and control in a contemporary group class setting. Our athletic approach allows you to feel the burn and see the results. Caution: You will be challenged. We want you to leave feeling accomplished, energized, and worked head to toe. All of our classes use the Pilates reformer and incorporate props to keep you guessing.

If you are injured or pregnant please call ahead before booking a class, we may require that you take a private first to access your fitness level. If you have concerns about your ability to participate in a group class, please let us know and we will gladly assess whether it is appropriate. We’re here to keep you healthy and happy!

cardio core

Live to sweat? This athletic reformer class will get your heart pumping and your body jumping! Cardio Core incorporates the Pilates jumpboard and will put your core to the ultimate test! You’ll improve your stamina and get those endorphins flowing in this total body workout. You’ll leave class with that post Pilates glow, guaranteed!
Open Level Reformer Class.
: 5 classes at Pilates House or other contemporary pilates training.
Not appropriate for clients with serious injuries.

strength & length

New to Pilates? Try our S&L. This class focuses on forming your foundation and understanding the mechanics of Pilates. You will flow through a seamless sequence of movements that connect you deep to your core. This total body workout is ideal for all Pilates lovers.
Open Level Reformer Class.
Not appropriate for clients with serious injuries.

pilates fundamentals

Build your foundation and learn the fundamentals of pilates in this full body flow. This class emphasizes the pilates movement principles and teaches you what they should feel like in your body so you can fine tune your technique. It’s a great class for pilates newbies and seasoned practitioners that need a refresh. We promise you’ll still feel the work the next day.


Want to feel the burn in all the right places? Our AAA class uses targeted exercises to sculpt your body where you want it the most. We’ll focus on toning your abs, sculpting your arms, and lifting your ass. Not just once, but twice. This circuit style class will have you shaking as you walk out of the room.
Intermediate Level Reformer Class.
: 10 classes at Pilates House or other contemporary pilates training.
Not appropriate for clients with serious injuries.

Like the attention? Our 55 minute private sessions are perfect for clients that are new to Pilates, as well as Pilates-aholics wanting to deepen their practice. You’ll receive individual attention from one of our amazing instructors. This is a great option for people who don’t feel comfortable in a group setting or have specific conditions and injuries. Private classes must be booked in advance and require pre-payment.

private training