what is pilates?

Pilates is an exercise technique that focuses on building long, lean muscles throughout the body and strengthening your core to better support your spine (i.e. when your mom told you to, “sit up straight!”) The Pilates method emphasizes controlled, fluid movements that connect with the breath to center your body and mind. Pilates trains your body to move better in and out of the studio. It is a wonderful foundation for any exercise regimen.

how often should I take pilates?

We recommend taking class 2-3 times per week to maximize your results. Making classes a part of your regular schedule will keep you committed to reaching your goals!

what are the benefits of pilates?

Posture that will make ya mama proud. No, but really. Pilates is designed to strengthen, stretch, and align, allowing your body to restore its natural movement patterns; thus, it helps you to bend not break. This makes pilates ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Sculpting muscles you didn’t even know existed is one of the perks of a regular pilates practice. We’re looking at you serratus anterior. Other perks include: toned arms, sculpted core, lifted glutes, and feeling like a total badass.

what are the membership terms?

All Pilates House memberships require a three month minimum commitment. After those three months are over, your membership will be renewed on a month to month basis. If you wish to cancel your membership you will need to email us with 30 days notice.

can I freeze my membership if i am traveling?

Yes, you can freeze your membership for a minimum of thirty days and a maximum of two months per calendar year. A monthly hold fee, of $20 will be charged in place of your membership. To hold your membership, contact us via email with the exact dates.

can family and friends share a membership?

Memberships cannot be shared between families and friends.

what is a bff pass?

Your BFF pass is allows you to bring a friend to class for free. We require that you give the studio 24hrs notice before the scheduled class you would like to attend with your bestie. We can confirm if there is room and get you on the books! Please email contact@pilateshousebaltimore.com your BFF’s name, email, phone number, class, and day you wish to book. Missed reservation and reservation adjustment charges apply.

what is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your reservation, please cancel as soon as possible. Any cancellations made less than 12 hours before the start of class will incur a $15 charge, and the class will be returned to your account. If you do not show up for your reservation, you will be charged for the class. For our unlimited members, this means you will incur a $15 charge to your account if you do not show up.

are there any age restrictions?

Minimum age to attend class is 16, and a guardian must be present if you are under 18.